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Employer Assistance...

IHRS will assist employers through the recruitment process, we are committed to ensuring
your employee arrives in the shortest possible time ready to begin work.

Employers can choose candidates from our database or have a targeted recruitment campaign
which guarantees to fill the position for a fixed fee.

Our fee structure is competitive and is relative to the period of employment.

Candidates are pre screened and only those who meet the requirements for registration will be
submitted to employers, we assist through the interview, negotiation, registration and visa processes.

On arrival candidates are met by us and all pre employment requirements are completed.

Applications for Specialist Recognition, Provider Number & Licenses and Registration Interviews
are managed by us.

We work with your nominated contact to ensure accommodation and a vehicle is available to the
candidate on arrival.

Please contact us for more information on the service we provide

info@ihrs.com.au or call Sue Freeman on 0414 858 111